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Friday, December 9th, 2011

Subject:Brain fart
Time:12:25 pm.

I know I was going to write about something somewhat important, but I can't remember what it was. Meh.

Well, for one, new musical obsession is Foster the People. It's funny because I haven't been obsessed with a band whose members I think are hot in a really long time. I feel like a silly teenage fangirl and, oddly, I'm OK with that. But seriously, catchiest album ever, even if no one else I know thinks so. :P

So glad the weekend is almost here. I'm incredibly tired underneath my current caffeine-filled state. I guess Brandon and I are going to drink and perhaps hookah tonight. If not, I'll drink with Sarah, who's always up for alcohol. I feel like being stupid and irresponsible tonight. Too bad it's probably too cold to walk to the graveyard by Brandon's place tonight, but maybe alcohol will make us not notice the cold. For some reason it's fun (and possibly illegal?) to tromp around in a graveyard while intoxicated.

I don't feel like writing anymore. Going to lunch now.


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Monday, December 5th, 2011

Subject:Bored at work
Time:9:40 am.

Moving is almost done. The new house is pretty neat. I'm not used to having so much space, and we definitely don't have the furniture for it. That will be a gradual process. Anyway, we just need to move the food out of the fridge, clear out what's left in uthe bathroom and then clean and we'll be out of the small house of frustration. Yeah!

There is no central heating in the new house. Slightly uncomfortable, but doable. Which reminds me, it's snowing? Not very much, but it was a weird surprise this morning nonetheless.

So at work I've already put together a few things I'm pretty proud of. My posters advertising the gallery and gift shop are hanging in the gallery window, and I've just made a poster for a radio program we're doing; I did sort of a Soviet design on it and so, of course, it's awesome, because Soviet posters are awesome. Maybe I'll put together a web site full of the design stuff I make.

I should probably find something to do, whatever that may be.


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Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Subject:Job and such
Time:3:14 pm.

So pretty much I still love my job. This is, of course, despite the fact that I've been doing little more than working, cooking, going to the gym, and spending time with Dakota... Mostly watching Lost. What an awful show! And yet I can't stop watching it. I only really like two of the characters (the bald badass guy and the Mexican guy), so... Yeah, it's dumb.

Oh yeah, the job. Three weeks down and it's great. I have a lot more creative control here than at the paper and a lot more time to work on the stuff I make. This is mostly good, but it does mean that I never have an excuse to be lazy. I feel like I'm being challenged a bit more, which is good. Design is just really fun -- it's art I can do! -- and I'm glad I was led to do it rather than staying in writing.

I got my first paycheck today. Over $1,000. Can't complain! Also, we found a new house that is a good size for two people. I think we're moving this weekend, or at least we're going to start the process tonight or tomorrow. It will be so nice to live in a bigger place.

So at this point I feel like I'm set. I've got everything I need? What? I am so not used to that. The uncertainty of post-graduation finally gave way to the stability of a Big Girl Job, and I'm not really sure what to do with my newly found contentment. Haha. Good times! I am incredibly blessed.

I'm writing because my manager went home sick and it's two hours until the weekend and I pretty much have nothing to do. My job really is that cushy. A lot of times I am busy, but even then, I don't feel rushed or anything.

What else? A fun dream I had a week or so ago. I was at my grandfather's house, and I opened the sliding glass door in the back, and this flood of iridescent blue butterflies, peacocks and grapes came through the door. It was SO PRETTY. The butterflies were landing on me and the peacock was like, "What?" and I was like, "WTF grapes?" It was pretty sweet. I feel inspired to make a painting based on the dream. I don't see what other use the dream has other than to be pretty and make me think, kind of like art, so I might as well.

Also, we got another cat some time ago. A white one to contrast with Spooky. Luna is sweet, but I still consider Spooky my favorite.

This may be the longest entry ever written on an iPhone, so I'm going to wrap it up.


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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Subject:Oh hai, awesome job!
Time:1:35 pm.

Well, it's about time. I spent two months at the Ada News, perhaps to appreciate something better, and now I'm at a job that I love. Seriously. I'm writing this on the iPhone that all the employees get. I have my own office with a comfy chair and a brand new Mac and a Wacom tablet and a free gym membership and $16 an hour and working in an art gallery and so much other cool stuff. I am very happy. Now all I need is a bigger place to live and I'll be set.

So I'm going to go finish lunch and get on with my day. Hell. Yes.


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Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Subject:Ever-growing Christmas wishlist
Time:12:18 am.
Dakota asks me what I want for Christmas pretty much every 15 minutes when we hang out, so I'm making this entry for both of our reference. This is a work in progress.

Ankh necklace that has a little knife inside. Awesome!
The Phoenix in Autumn and/or The Arabian Dance from BPAL
This candle in Passionate Kisses, Black Corset, Debauchery, or Down & Dirty
Custom-blended fragrances
A really cool looking bound blank book (should look old and wise)
Pretty much anything from Black Phoenix Trading Post
Wallflower refills (air freshener things) from Bath and Body Works in one of my favorite smells (Dark Kiss, Midnight Pomegranate, Twilight Woods, Moonlight Path, Secret Wonderland, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Winter, Autumn, Fireside)
Pretty much anything from Goth Rosary except for Mayhem, Wicked and Crypt (I have those already) -- mainly scents, but I also wouldn't be opposed to a rosary
Books -- and I've even made a wishlist (used is OK)

Another option: (Dakota, I'm talking to you.)
A homemade gift box with a bunch of smaller stuff in it. Stuff that appeals to the senses is the best, obviously -- you know this. If you need reminders of stuff I like, here are some ideas:
-Interesting candy
-Perfume/scented body lotions (preferred notes: woods, musk, dark fruits (plum, pomegranate, berries), incense/resin notes, amber, vanilla, rose, sandalwood, leather, patchouli)
-Good-quality candles
-Fuzzy/soft things
-Shiny/sparkly things
-Tea, hot chocolate, and other warm beverages
-Things that appeal to my pagan sensibilities
-Anything Egyptian-styled
-Interesting jewelry or accessories (especially gothy stuff)
-Anything gothy, really
-Cute undies
-Something sexy
-Wine or other booze
-Anything with owls
-Great-smelling bubble bath or some other awesome bath stuff (Bath and Body Works is always welcome)
-One of the aforementioned Wallflower refills might be good here, too

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Friday, July 13th, 2007

Time:4:59 am.

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